Companies that want to stay competitive must offer healthcare benefits for their employees. Offering health insurance is also a great way to improve employee retention. According to a Willis survey, 93% believe that healthier workers are more productive. The same study also concluded that healthy employees reduce healthcare costs.

Most employers understand that offering health care benefits attracts and retains employees. It also boosts morale and productivity.

Still, many employers struggle to choose the right health plan for their employees. The process is often complex and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be.

UnitedHealthcare’s new online health coverage has simplified the shopping experience. It offers quick purchasing with customization and better pricing information.

UnitedHealthcare has simplified choosing and purchasing health care multiple ways:

  • Customize plans for your employees to choose from
  • Get prices based on age and gender
  • Decide how much you want to pay per worker
  • Complete the entire purchase online

Once you log into the UnitedHealthcare website you will go through a three-step buying process. In about 20-minutes you will be able to make a decision on your health care options. The website was designed with small businesses in mind. It is geared toward companies with 2-50 employees.

I found the interface very simple to use. The first step was to enter the company zip code:

small business health care

The next step is when you enter the number of employees:

small business health insurance

Then you select the date you want the coverage to start.

health care for small business

The process is simple. It takes a few clicks and your benefits package awaits.

small business health care

Using the UnitedHealthcare website you will be able to review all the health care coverage options for your employees. You can customize the plan for your own employees. Your employees get access to the online selection tool to help them choose the best coverage for themselves. If you or your employees need help, support is available. With UnitedHealthcare, you can also offer additional benefits such as dental, vision and life.

There are no pricing surprises with UnitedHealthcare:

  • Based on basic employee information such as age and gender, you know exactly what you pay.
  • Your cost is the same regardless which plan your employees select.
  • You can set the price you pay per employee and the employee pays the difference.

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