Online learning is something that more and more people are looking to get involved with, and we have seen in recent years that online learning is, in fact, the most effective option for learning new things. Let’s say, for example, that you decide to boost your qualifications, and you begin an online distance education with Learning Cloud, compared with actually going to a traditional brick and mortar college, you have a far higher chance of succeeding with the online course, and here is why.

Not Obligatory

In almost all cases of online learning, the student has taken it upon themselves to enhance their knowledge and take on a new course. You could argue that college is the same, but there is still a general feeling of obligation with those students who want a particular career or job opportunities. The fact that online students have chosen to do this themselves means that they are far more likely to find success.

Pure Study

When studying online, there is no time taken up with commuting to and from the university. There is no waiting around for busses or trains; students can instead focus purely on what they are doing, which enables them to engage quicker in their studies. This adds greatly to how effective online learning is because there is a removal of so many stresses and distractions that traditional students go through.

Frequent Assessments

Because online learning is a little more DIY, the centers which offer online learning will ramp up the number of assessments in order to gain a clear understanding of how their students are getting on. What this helps with is to keep students on their toes, and it also encourages them not to skip anything within their course. If there is only an exam at the end of the year then there is a temptation to miss bit out during the year and then cram towards the end, these continuous assessments will ensure that students remain engaged at all times and that they are studying each aspect of the syllabus as they should.


Many cite the idea of studying from home as a bad idea given the level of distraction which is found at home, but the evidence would appear to show that being able to study in a familiar place which is comfortable, has been far more effective for learners. Students must ensure that they are self-disciplined enough to take themselves away from their home comforts and to instead focus on their studies when the time arrives. Research has shown that online learners are very good at this and that being at home is a benefit rather than a disadvantage.

If you have been considering getting back into education, then maybe the best option for you would be an online course. Compared to traditional education, online courses offer much more flexibility, and as we can see here, it is a much more effective way of learning.