Are you getting an Oracle certification? Are you preparing for Oracle 1z0-808 exam? If yes, then you are on the right track in your career. Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer, is one of the best Java certifications that every programmer need.

In this article, we will discuss Oracle 1z0-808 certification exam and how you should be preparing for the exam. We will also be noting down the things that you will need to do to get yourself certified. 

What Is Oracle 1z0-808 Certification Exam?

Oracle Certification 1z0-808 Exam Questions is recommended for candidates and to keep in mind that the exam is taken to prove the ability and knowledge of the candidate about Java and its uses in various processes. The candidates are judged on their ability to perform in practice what they have learned in theory while preparing for the exam. The questions asked are a mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge. 1z0-808 is a tough exam, and the candidate needs to prepare well to pass it with flying colors.

Important Things About the Exam You Should Know:


There are no eligibility criteria to sit for Oracle 1z0-808 exam. The candidate needs to be 18 years or older, and he or she can appear for the test. The candidates with some prior experience in JAVA can score better than the others in 1z0-808 exam. 

Exam Pattern

In Oracle 1z0-808 exam, the candidates are given 70 multiple choice questions of a different kind. They have to solve all the 70 questions under 150 minutes. The students will have to take the 1z0-808 exam in the centers that have been created by the Oracle. The students will be judged both by the practical as well as the theoretical ability to give the exam.


The candidates can opt from a variety of languages to give the Oracle 1z0-808 exam. Two of those languages are Spanish and English. The paper in different languages can be of different durations depending on the country and the candidates.


The candidates will have to pay $245 USD to register themselves for Oracle 1z0-808 exam. The fee for 1z0-808 exam varies from place to place because of the difference in the currency. You can also get some leniency in the fee if you are associated with Oracle or in some other listed circumstances.


The certificate has a lifetime warranty and can be used all throughout the world. You can use Oracle certificate as a proof of your skills and apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

Who Should Give?

Oracle 1z0-808 exam is targeted towards the candidates who have some experience or exposure in the field of Java and programming. Such candidates who want to get certified for their knowledge of Oracle Java are the audience. People who are looking to enhance their skills can apply. Students who are still completing their college degree can apply, and a business owner who has their own business can also apply.

What Is the Preparation Strategy to Score High?

Oracle 1z0-808 exam requires a lot of dedication and hard work since the paper is specially designed to test the in-depth knowledge of the candidate. The candidates need to score 65% marks to pass Oracle 1z0-808 exam. Hence you need a proper study strategy so that you can score well.

Read the syllabus

The first step is to download and print the syllabus from the website. Now read the syllabus thoroughly and make notes of all the topics given. You should remember the syllabus at all times so that you do not miss any topic while preparation.

Get the course material

Get the study material. You can decide what kind of study material you want according to your preferences. You can get physical books that you can read and give the 1z0-808 exam. You can also download the online study material such as online books, lecture videos and much more to prepare. You can also take help of the online dumps if you think they are helpful for you.

Make a plan

You need to make a study plan after assessing the course material and the topics. If you are well aware of everything that is given in the course, you will take less time to finish the course and be prepared. However, if you are starting from scratch, it is better you start early. Additionally, you can also join instructor-led training classes where you will be taught tips and tricks to pass Oracle 1z0-808 certification exam easily.

Be consistent

Be consistent with your preparation, or you might end up forgetting what you have already studied. Keep revising regularly and keep a tab of all the things you have already learned. It is better you make notes.

Solve practice papers

Solve practice papers as much as you can. Solving practice papers is the best way to get yourself prepared for an exam. Download the practice papers from the online portals or just solve the practice papers there, you will easily be able to assess yourself and your preparations.

Register only when ready

Do not register for the exam when you are not ready. If you think you need more time, pick a date that gives you enough time to prepare.

The Advantages of Passing Oracle 1z0-808 Exam

Become Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer

The first advantage of 1z0-808 exam is that the candidate will become Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer and can now be eligible for all the jobs that require this certification.

More Job Opportunities

With the Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer certification, the candidates will open up to more job options and will be preferred in the job interviews in all the companies.

Knowledge About Oracle Java

While preparing for the 1z0-808 exam, the candidates will get a lot of knowledge about Java and will be able to use it in their current jobs to get promotions.

Bigger Audience to Target

The people who have their own business can target a much wider audience with their new, certified skills that will help them gain customers. 

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