Opening a digital store can be done in just a few steps, starting with determining your niche, as well as what products you want to sell, their price, and how you will package and ship them.

You will also need to establish a name for your business and then register it, as well as apply for a tax ID.

Once you have successfully mapped out the aforementioned details, you will then need to partner with an established eCommerce software company, such as Magento hosting partners, to create a website and build your online store.

There are various eCommerce platforms to choose from; however, some things to look for in a good one include:

Ample eCommerce Features

To sell your products on the web, you need an eCommerce platform that includes all the basic features you need to run an online store, including the ability to create a website that enables you to list your products and monitor their availability, create customer accounts and guests checkouts, include a shopping cart, and integrate with payment processing apps to accept payments.

However, to further accommodate your needs, eCommerce platforms, such as the free eCommerce platform Magento, also include a number of additional other features to help take your business to the next level. It’s also open-source software, which means you can also develop new extensions for it if you’d like. It also works well with third-party apps.


Your chosen eCommerce platform should also provide strong security, which is important for safeguarding customers’ sensitive personal and financial data.

Magento is known for its advanced security, which is another reason it is one of the top 3 most popular eCommerce platforms in the industry.

The platform also enables users to incorporate additional security extensions, as well as set security permissions, to help make their site even more secure.

Handles a Large Number of Product Listings and Orders

If you intend to list a lot of products on your site or to experience a high number of sales in your store, then you will need an eCommerce platform that is equipped for it.

Magento can also handle up to 500,000 product listings, as well as process more than 70,000 orders per hour for businesses with bigger goals.

It Makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Simple

An SEO optimized site helps ensure it appears in top search results in search engines, which helps drive traffic to your site.

Magneto platform makes it easy to optimize your pages with easy to fill out meta description boxes and more. It also ensures your site and shopping cart are functional on mobile devices for greater SEO.

Choose a Web Hosting Service

Once your site is up and ready, you will need to select a hosting service to publish it on the web.

However, should you choose to use the Magento eCommerce platform, you will need to choose a Magento hosting partner for the best results.

Some Magento hosting partners include:


Nexcess is a Magento hosting and management service that enables users to enjoy maximum page speeds with their own content delivery program, in addition to automated, immediate scaling for continuous service during traffic surges and more. They also enable users to choose the data center of their virtual server.

Their 24/7/365 customer service is also provided by specialists with extensive Magneto expertise for added ease.


HostGator provides web hosting for every web site, including Magneto. Some of its features include unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and a host of web hosting tools to help get you started. They also provide 24/7/365 customer support.


Hostinger is a cloud-based Magento hosting service that specializes in cart performance; however, it also offers various other features, such as unlimited bandwidth and a multi-tier cache layer to ensure your site can handle numerous requests. 24/7 live chat is also included with the service.

Each Magneto hosting partner also offers different plans to help you select the right one for your needs.