Shark Tank Reject Makes $10 Million

How do you walk off Shark Tank and make $10 million with your business?

Scott Jordan is the CEO of Scottevest and Technology Enabled Clothing. Scottevest is a business with over $10 Million in revenue. You might have seen Scott on Shark Tank. Where he ended up arguing with billionaire Marc Cuban.

Find out how Scott connected with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

During one of its more entertaining episode, Scott ended up storming out of Shark Tank.

Scott left Shark Tank without getting an investment, but he walked away with great PR for his company.

We’ll talk about how being on Shark Tank has affected his sales. You definitely want to hear that.

We’ll talk about how to do great PR  and we’ll get into how and why Scott started Scottevest, the challenges the rewards and more.

Listen and learn from Scott what it takes to succeed in business:

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