How to start a million dollar business upcycling old vinyl records?

Zachary Tipton is the founder of Tipton, the company makes cool Eyewear and other vinyl products.

When you think of Tipton eyewear, think COOL. Think FASHION.

Tipton is a company of 15 people.

Their products are sold in about 300 locations worldwide from the USA to Europe to Brazil to Japan.

Zachary’s goal is to grow Tipton to $1 million dollars revenue this year.

Elton John recently bought the entire Tipton collection at a store in London.

Zachary will also share the story of getting naked to make a customer happy. This customer is a very famous person.

Zachary was born in the USA, but he is running his business from Hungary. Tipton is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Listen and learn from Zachary what it takes to start a business: