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How Airtame Went Against All Odds To Become A Successful Startup

Airtame, launched in late 2014, is in the tech space. Lets you stream content without having to get buried under the weight and nuisance of wires. When you think of it, wireless streaming is not a new technology; it has been there for quite some time but Airtame helps perfect that solution, and make it more affordable across the business and education sectors. 

How the company started

Airtame became the most widely funded European startup on Indiegogo. While it may sound like a great deal, the company’s CEO accepted how being such a massive success brought myriad manifold challenges.

Crowdfunding can be a difficult deal. People put their money into something that’s not even out yet. You have expectations to meet and many businesses crumble under the pressure.

Airtame faced a lot of difficulties as well, especially when the company changed gears and shifted from being a B2C provider to a B2B company. 

The good thing, however, is that the gamble paid off and Airtame is today a very popular name in the niche sector.

What does Airtame do?

In simple words, the Airtame device lets you stream data (images, videos, documents, etc.) wirelessly to TVs or projectors via an internet connection. This plug-and-play device connects to the HDMI port and – once the device is installed – you are a matter of clicks away from wirelessly streaming works

Here are some amazing features of Airtame:

  • Supports multiple screens
  • Platform agnostic – It works on all computers and mobile devices
  • WPA2 encrypted connection
  • Unique digital signage opportunities
  • Simple, yet powerful Cloud management of all devices

The advantages are all that matter

No company can succeed unless it offers some benefits to the user. You have to convince people why they should opt for your product or service. This can be very tough, especially when the competition is fierce.

Airtame understood the requirements and designed all its marketing towards value proposition. It does not sell a product. It sells ease of use. When you buy Airtame, you’re not just purchasing a device. You’re purchasing a tool that’ll let you save money, time and reduce your IT support tickets and requests by up to 80%.

What you can learn from the company

Airtame, like any other company, had to go through tough times but the organization held strong due to its well-thought policies.

Building a strong company culture: No company can succeed without a happy and motivated team. Airtame realizes this and has created a positive company culture where employees are motivated to work hard.

Providing quality customer service – It’s not just about product deployment, it’s about providing customers with a good experience – from pre-purchase to post-purchase. The support team is always at hand to help, and you receive free and unlimited support, whether you buy one or 100 devices.

The company offers exceptional customer support and has a staff trained to handle even the most difficult of clients. There’s even a live chat option, which is a preferred method of communication for 60% buyers. In fact, customers are more likely to purchase if you have a live chat option on the site.

Airtame is obviously not the only wireless HDMI device that makes it possible to stream content, but it’s among the best due to its amazing products that come with great functionalities and improvements. The team is working round-the-clock to improve firmware and introduce new features.

A sales strategy that works: It doesn’t matter how good your product is. Customers will not purchase it if they are not aware of it. Airtame appears to have a reliable marketing team that creates great campaigns, keeping the target audience in mind.

For example, the 30-day trial offer is a great way to win customers.

Customers know they are in safe hands and can return the product if they are not satisfied with it. Plus, you can even book a demo!

What’s next for Airtame?

Airtame has evolved at a rapid pace. With over 40 new employees hired this year, it’s growing in terms of products and manpower.

The emphasis this year has been on digital signage and integrations. Google Slides, Trello, and Unsplash have already been integrated into the system.  Expect some more similar updates as the company continues to work on improving the product.

Technology changes in a matter of days, if a company does not adapt, it will be left behind in the race. Airtame is leading the pack. 

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