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10 Reasons to Hire a Student

Choosing to hire a college student for marketing jobs is something that every HR might have considered at least once. However, they are also often very skeptical about making such a decision. It definitely depends on the company’s standing, the job opening available and many other factors too. Nevertheless, when it comes to jobs, there are a few reasons why a firm could benefit from hiring a kid from college. Especially for entry-level jobs, university students are the best choice.

Every employer should hire students. Hiring students will bring new perspectives to your company. They bring fresh ideas and some of the latest tech skills to your organization at a reasonable cost.

What are the advantages of hiring students?

  • New perspectives – Students bring new perspectives to your company.
  • Tech skills –  Hiring college students brings in-demand tech skills to your organization.
  • Savings – You can hire university students at a lower cost, improving your profit margins.

Hire a student for the enthusiasm

Students are always keen to get a job, especially in cases where experience is an asset. Hence, their enthusiasm for an opportunity given would be unparalleled. Students are aware of how competent the real world is and recent studies show that the millennials would be the first to earn less than the previous generation, so an experience prior to graduation is highly sought after.

Hire students for their open minds

An employee with experience might already be set in their ways, whereas with a graduate you get to groom them in a way you want. Students are oblivious to the preconceived notions and can adapt to a new environment as well. Particularly for those with a marketing degree, ability to blend in with the training given from the office would be very profitable to the company.

Hire college students for their flexible schedules

For an HR providing employment solutions, the availability for youngsters to be present during working hours might be a question. Their ability to manage studies with office work is also another issue of concern. But in fact, today’s students are ready to work on flexible schedules.

Many students now resort to getting assistance from outside services to stay ahead in their academic load. This opens up their availability to put in extended hours or even work on weekends as the job demands.

Hire university students for their tech skills

The tech-savvy skills of millennials might prove to be their most valuable asset that could add value to the business. As much as the world blames them for indulging too much in social media when it comes to a marketing coordinator job, their social media skills are going to be the most effective.

They are also updated with the current technology, emerging software and can even train others in the office. Even if not provided in the job description, their knowledge of software and basic programming could offer value in the long term.

Bring in innovation with student employees

A marketing field is something that needs to evolve based on the interests of the audience. And who speaks better for the current generation than the young crowd? They can offer a fresh perspective on a project that might be missed by older and experienced employees.

They can also use their social networking skills to offer innovations in strategies, developing concepts and react to marketing better than any other age group. It could be a  chance to learn for everyone as they can point out aspects that the current system might be lacking.

Hire students for their willingness to take risks

For someone in the marketing field, it is necessary to take risks. If yours is a company already established, the employees might have got accustomed to a pattern. New employees, especially students are willing to take more risks and be initiative.

They are not held back by the limitations of traveling for work or a specific skill set they have developed for years.

Student workers are great at multitasking

Students excel at multitasking, after all, they are ready to spend time studying, getting work experience and focusing on managing their lifestyle all at the same time. Moreover, their ability to multitask is unquestionable too. They might lack the precision of an experienced employee but they will surely make it up with speed and better productivity.

Hire student workers for their backgrounds

A graduate portfolio is not just focused on their academics. Young adults of this era are focused on developing many other skills to stay ahead of the competition. These skills might be useful for a business professional in many ways, to associate with clients or even communicate better.

Hire students on a trial basis

Hiring students are essentially like doing a trial run for a long term job. Both parties are not committed for a longer arrangement, but if things work out, it could be in the best interest for all. If you think that the candidate has skills and work ethics that fit into the office culture, then you have someone whom you have trained from the beginning.

Hire students to save money

The decision to hire students could also be beneficial financially. It provides an added advantage of a lower cost of yearly salary, a huge difference at the end of the day. Students are more keen on getting the job rather than getting a high pay scale. For the lack of their experience, you do not have to pay them the standard field marketing manager salary. But make it a point not to exploit this factor and discourage the candidates.

If you are willing to invest in a student, they would be forever grateful for the opportunity. While it might seem like a gamble, it would be the same with hiring any employee who is unfamiliar with the office. So evaluate your position and the requirements and next time it is time to hire give a student a chance.

hire marketing job

If you are willing to invest in a student, they would be forever grateful for the opportunity. While it might seem like a gamble, it would be the same with hiring any employee who is unfamiliar with the office. So evaluate your position and the requirements and next time it is time to hire give a student a chance.

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