Around the world, one of the greatest threats to companies is data security breach through cyber crimes. Also, according to studies, this threat has an increasing financial impact on businesses. By 2019, it is expected that data breaches cost can reach up to 2.1 trillion dollars. So what are the threats to business data that you need to know?

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Most Common Business Data Threats Today

It’s important to understand the top security threats that might affect your business data. If you do not want to experience significant client losses and pay substantial money in the future, then you need to secure your data from security threats such as the following:

Employees Lack Proper Training for Data Security

The global marketplace is digitally driven nowadays. A company’s biggest threat to security is their employees lacking skills and knowledge in protecting data. Employees should know how to execute data security protocol. With basic training, any sensitive data can be protected.

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Here are key areas to focus on:

  • Identifying phishing frauds through social media, email and phone.
  • Creating secure passwords and changing them every month or couple months.
  • Encrypting every time sensitive information is sent via email.
  • Using controlled environment where every employee doesn’t need to access company’s sensitive data at once.
  • Reporting protocols every time an employee finds out that credentials are being stolen.
  • Conducting the best security update on work devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Lapses in Managing Patch Systems

Data security isn’t just about protecting against cyber hackers. For companies to become tightly secure from threats, there have to be steps to be implemented in securing network devices. For instance, you need to secure your computer servers, printers, and routers that utilize firmware and software to operate. If you operate a web proxy server, this might be important to you.

From time to time, these network devices don’t have patch management systems for vulnerability. The patch wasn’t created, or the hardware can’t update once a vulnerability is discovered. If you use vulnerable devices, hackers can easily access them while completely taking over your business data.

Not Hiring the Best Data Security Personnel

C-level management should have the right technology experts to be safe from potential attacks. You need to update on the newest data security protocols to stay ahead of the game. Cybersecurity threats remain evolving and expanding, so there’s no reason not to hire top-notch talent for this aspect.

On that note, the right cybersecurity professionals are needed to determine and implement policies, methods, management tactics, and procedures to secure business networks, brand reputation, and data. By just understanding the latest security threats, your IT experts can immediately identify unauthorized activities to avoid a breach.


Data security threats have adverse effects on business data, personnel, clients, and resources. Though it will surely take time as well as enough resources to fortify data security walls, it’s worth it because it can keep client and financial risks at bay. So, how are you planning to handle data security threats in your business?

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