Everyone knows that we sit too much whether at work or home. Sitting too much creates several health risks that affect our bodies. The list of health problems created by sitting too much is long. Many studies point to specific health risks that occur such as obesity, back pains, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and a list of metabolic issues.

One alternative to help you avoid sitting too much at work is to purchase a sit-stand workstation. The benefits of sit-stand workstations can help you ward off some of the normal wear and tear on your body caused by sitting too much. If you worry about suffering from the health risks caused by sitting too much then purchasing a sit-stand workstation is an ideal option. There is a sit-stand workstation to fit everyone’s budget.

After you use your sit-stand workstations, you will notice a beneficial change in your body. Below are some of the health benefits of sit-stand workstations.

Correcting Pain from Sitting Too Much

Sit-stand workstations help eliminates problems that occur in your lower back, neck and spinal cord. Several studies conclude that even a short period of standing like one hour helps keep your neck in a natural shape. Studies show that lower back pain is reduced significantly and users of a sit-stand desk experienced less pain in the leg as well as shoulder regions.

Circulation Equals Productivity Gains

Sit-stand workstations help users increase productivity in a variety of ways from better blood flow to lung capacity. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health showed that standing increased expiring flow and lung capacity by four times. Improved circulation is linked to helping prevent cardiovascular disease which reduces the chances of heart attacks.

Controlling Cholesterol and Diabetes

People can lower their cholesterol when using sit-stand workstations. A study released by the European Heart Journal indicates that people who sit more had a higher level of cholesterol. The study points out that standing for two hours a day was a factor in lowering cholesterol levels. When you sit for prolonged periods of time your body shuts down and does not allow insulin to process sugar. Diabetes is a direct result of insulin not processing sugar in your body. Standing at work increases your activity level and diminishes free fatty acids which are directly linked to Type II diabetes.

The health factors outlined above are just a few of the problems you can eliminate by using sit-stand workstations. Many work environments have purchased sit-stand workstations to help combat health issues related to sitting. Improvements to design and lower costs have increased the use of sit-stand workstations. For example, you can purchase an adjustable monitor and keyboard station or an adjustable PC workstation cart, and there are desktop converter models. Also, there are motorized sit-stand desks and hand crank models available to the public.

There are other benefits of sit-stand workstations such as lower health insurance premiums and a better work atmosphere that fosters productivity. In the end, the health benefits of a sit-stand workstation outweigh the costs of re-tooling the office place.