Looking for a Job? Try Starting a Business

Are you struggling to find a job that makes you happy?

You are not alone. One option for you is starting your own business.

The world has changed, and traditional jobs have changed with it. We no longer live in a world where an academic degree and a specific set of technical skills automatically equals a job. The knowledge and skills required today are very different and are continuing to change every day.

To succeed, you need to understand the way the world works now and figure out how you fit in. Starting your own business today looks very different than ten or twenty years ago.

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Here are some techniques to help you navigate the world we live in now.

Learn to adapt

There is a new reality when it comes to businesses today. The corporate structure of the industrial age has started to deconstruct. Instead, we seem to be returning to how America was started – entrepreneurship. Technology has allowed individuals to connect more easily. It has also decreased distribution channels and allowed people to sell to each other directly. You need to learn to adapt to these changes and constantly improve your skills to match.

Look for opportunities instead of a job

You can turn the skills that you have as an employee and turn them into a service business. To do so, you need to identify your expertise, knowledge, and experiences that are unique to you. You can ask trusted advisors like family, friends, colleagues, and employers to tell you what they feel sets you apart. Once you figure out your specialization, offer it to other businesses. Contractors and consultants are in high demand.

Figure out what you have to offer

Do you have or can you make goods or products that other people may want? Try selling them on eBay or Etsy or Amazon. You can also write about your skills or expertise or even create podcasts or videos to share your knowledge. Vendors today are very flexible, and partnerships are widely available.

Identify who you know

Relationships are some of your most valuable assets. Leverage your ability to network. If you can get to, connect with, and establish relationships with influential people you will be able to more easily reach your goals.

Find problems to solve

In the world today many problems need to be solved. If you can find a problem and create a viable solution to that problem, then you can capitalize on it. Sometimes, certain problems cannot be solved with existing resources; in these situations, you may need to look for additional tools that every new business needs.


It is also important that people are willing to pay you. Before you invest too much time and money in your business, pre-sell at least ten customers. If you can’t find at least ten people to pay for what you are selling, you need to get back to the basics.

Become self-reliant

It is important to recognize that you make your own choices and that those choices shape your life. Remember that you can only count on yourself to be a success. Avoid finger pointing and blaming others. Also, stop expecting others to solve your problems.

Take control of your destiny

Distinguish yourself by creating the mindset, habits, actions, and persistence to take accountability for your actions and control your future. It is less about academic, industrial, or technical training today and more about soft skills. Soft skills include emotional intelligence, adaptability, resiliency, relationship-building, accountability, productivity, and leadership skills. Focus on developing those skills, and you will have a greater chance of success when starting your own business.

No quick fix or shortcut will lead to success. You need to work hard, take personal responsibility, and make positive choices. Take all you have learned and make a plan of action. Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “Looking for a Job? Try Starting a Business”

      1. I think not knowing where to start is very daunting, taking it from idea to reality and exactly how you can do that. I think also fear of failure is a consideration. Will it knock your confidence? Will you loose money? Is it worth the risk.

  1. Hi, I’m steve. You know what? I find this topic to be a preaching point. Being completely self-reliant and taking control of one’s own life is something every human should always strive for. Truly it can be daunting but starting a business pays a wonderful dividend, and most importantly, it keeps you on the learning curve

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