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Is Python Developer a Good Career?

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages today. There is such a huge demand for Python developers that you never have to worry about not finding a job. Companies simply can’t find enough Python developers. So if you want a promising career in tech, consider becoming a Python developer. It’s an excellent career …

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What Does It Take to Build a Lean Brand with Author of The Lean Brand Jeremiah Gardner

Jeremiah Gardner is the author of The Lean Brand.  Jeremiah’s goal is to help people reframe the way they think about brand development – especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Listen to the following interview to learn what it takes to retake control of your brand development:   Say hi to Jeremiah at

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10 Reasons to Hire a Student

Choosing to hire a college student for marketing jobs is something that every HR might have considered at least once. However, they are also often very skeptical about making such a decision. It definitely depends on the company’s standing, the job opening available and many other factors too. Nevertheless, when it comes to jobs, there …

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