What Does It Take To Be Successful?

302, 2024

Why Twitter Cofounder Gave Away $200 Million Stake

[adrotate group="4"] How often do you hear of entrepreneurs give $200 million worth of stock to employees? I know it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should, but it happened at Twitter. Not long after Jack Dorsey announced that he is taking the CEO position in the company. Why would an entrepreneur give away $200 million of hist stock, about 1% of the company? The move to boost employee morale seems to come at the right time. Recently, we learned about Twitter layoffs as part of an attempt to restructure the company. Twitter is letting 336 people go. The good news [...]

202, 2024

5 Tips to Build an Amazing Business

You want to build an awesome business, right? Yet Another Build Your Business Article? How is this one different? This article will differ in that it will put the personal into business. You are dreaming of being a business owner. You have read copious articles on various subjects: entrepreneurship, business ideas, building your business, and protecting your business. Now you have a great business idea – one that is perfect for you - and you are thinking, ‘What now?’ As you have absorbed all of this information, you might have noticed that each of the articles on building a business professes [...]

102, 2024

Police Officer to Serial Entrepreneur

Tim Bourquin is an ex-police officer turned serial entrepreneur. His most recent business After Offers is a platform that helps companies grow their email lists. Tim started his first business while working as a police officer. It was the first trade show and conference for online investing and trading. He sold the company in 2004. Today his spends his time running and growing After Offers. Listen and learn from Tim about building successful businesses: Check out Tim's website afteroffers.com.

3101, 2024

How to Start a Business At 15

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to start a business at 15? Listen to Cody McLain's story. He is a serial entrepreneur. Cody started several successful service-based businesses. He is currently on the board for WireFuseMedia which manages multiple online brands ranging from hosting companies to support and software ventures. If that's not enough for you, Cody is an active blogger at MindHack. Listen to the following interview to learn about what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur! [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Cody at his blog at mindhack.com.  

3001, 2024

How To Live In Two Countries Working Only 4-Months In A Year

What does it take to start a business? Inspired by The Four Hour Work Week, Rasmus Lindgren lives in Denmark and Thailand yet he only works 4-5 months a year. How does he do it? Listen to the following interview to find out. Rasmus has multiple sources of income most of which is location independent, a lifestyle that allows him and his family to live in two countries. Listen and learn from Rasmus:    

2901, 2024

How Big Data Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Big data is one of the most powerful modern technology trends in business today and is revolutionizing how businesses worldwide operate. The term describes working with extremely large volumes of data that is generated at high speeds and come in various forms. Data is growing at such a fast rate that currently, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. The growth of big data is still relatively new, and as a business practice, most still struggle to gain insights or value from the data they access. In order to stay competitive, businesses will have to take advantage of [...]

2801, 2024

Why Spend Millions Of Dollars When You Can Have It For Free?

New Startup Launches World’s First Free Beacon-Enabled Loyalty Platform! Today, big box retailers are spending billions of dollars on customer loyalty programs, big data and new technologies to better understand consumer behaviors, trends, and new ways to engage their shoppers. Specifically, one breakthrough solution in technology attracting retailers are “beacons” which are coin- sized portable devices that can transmit location information to smartphones via wireless Bluetooth signals. Beacons can be used for everything from in-store analytics to proximity marketing, indoor navigation and contactless payments, and companies who can afford to deploy them are investing billions of dollars per year to [...]

2701, 2024

How To Turn A Hobby Into A Successful Business Interview with Luke Landes

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to turn your hobby into a successful business? Luke Landes started a website to hold himself financially accountable and it turned into a thriving business. Luke has been blogging and writing for the internet since the early 1990s and has been building online communities since 1991. In 2003, he started Consumerism Commentary, a website dedicated to personal finance. Luke recently sold Consumerism Commentary. In the following interview you will get an insight into Luke's entrepreneurial journey. Listen and learn from Luke Landes: [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Luke at Consumerism Commentary.

2601, 2024

How to Start a $10 Million Marketplace

What does it take to start a $10 million business? David Ciccarelli is the co-founder of Voices.com which is the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice over talent. Listen to this interview to learn how to: Buy a premier domain name such as voices.com Build an online market place Attract over 250,000 users Assemble a team of 45 Listen and learn from the Voices.com story now: Say Hi to David Ciccarelli at Voices.com Read Raw Transcript Now: Intro: Hello everybody and welcome to the Success Harbor Podcast with George Meszaros, where it's all about making [...]

2501, 2024

Tips to Follow to Make the Conference an Impactful One

Planning your conference call in advance and executing it properly is essential for a productive discussion. Without a doubt, a poorly organized conference call can be frustrating and unprofitable for everyone. Leaders can use conference calls to inform, educate, collaborate, and even inspire. Consider these tips to make your conference calls far more effective.[adrotate group="4"] Present An Agenda It is important for everyone who will be on the conference call is given a full agenda before it takes place. By doing so, you provide everyone with an outline of the subjects and subtopics that will be discussed. Include the dial-in [...]

2401, 2024

How To Find Undervalued Websites And Flip Them For A Profit

[adrotate group="4"] How to start a successful business flipping websites? If making $213,000 in 28-months appeals to you, you want to check out this interview with Dave Hermansen. Since 2003, Dave had owned over 60 successful e-commerce stores. Dave has been featured on Fox Business and the New York Times. He has built a successful business on flipping websites. Dave understands what it takes to increase traffic and revenue. He has mastered what it takes to take a website and take it to the next level. Listen and learn what it takes to take your website to the next level [...]

2301, 2024

From Outsourcing To Empire Flipping with Justin Cooke

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to flip websites for a living? Justin Cooke is a serial entrepreneur. He and his partner built a successful outsourcing business based in the Philippines. Today, he is helping others buying and selling online businesses with Empire Flippers. Listen to Justin's story about about starting over and succeeding: [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Justin at Empire Flippers.

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