brand awareness

The Importance of Brand Awareness

Think back to the last time you went car shopping. When making your decision, you likely thought about things like the number of seats, the car’s fuel efficiency, its practicality, and even its aesthetic appeal. What prompted you while making your final decision? What stood out about your model over the others? Maybe the brand …

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metrics tracking ROI

The Best Metrics for Tracking ROI

Promoting a small business or agency is crucial to attracting and keeping new clients. However, one can throw a lot of money at marketing and not see results. It’s crucial to pay attention to metrics and make sure the return on investment (ROI) is worth it. If not, companies can always replace low-performing ads with …

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leadership skills

How to Foster Strong Leadership Skills in Your Company

Raising up employers who have strong leadership skills benefits everyone in a business. Training programs, mentorships, and leaders who recognize certain traits help foster an environment where people gain the knowledge needed to work their way up. How Can a Company Improve Leadership Skills? Companies with talented management experience better profitability and productivity. Leaders influence …

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sit stand workstation

Benefits of Sit-Stand Workstations

Everyone knows that we sit too much whether at work or home. Sitting too much creates several health risks that affect our bodies. The list of health problems created by sitting too much is long. Many studies point to specific health risks that occur such as obesity, back pains, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and a list …

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