Have you ever considered selling everything to become a location independent entrepreneur?

In 2012, Graham Brown sold everything to travel the world to become location independent.

Graham is an Author, Director and Founder of mobileYouth and Chairman & Founder of The Youth Marketing Academy.

Since witnessing the growth of youth media and technology having lived in Japan in the early 90s, Graham along with business partner Josh Dhaliwal has helped grow mobileYouth to serve over 250 clients in 60 countries worldwide – names such as Vodafone, Nokia, Coke, McDonald’s, Red Bull, Nike, the UK government and the European Commission, just to mention a few.

Graham is a regular public speaker and has presented at the 3GSM World Congress, Barcelona and been interviewed on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV and Radio.

His work was also featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the Guardian.

Listen to the following interview to find out what it takes to build a location independent business.


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