How to build a million dollar business in a tiny niche?

There is an architectural and social movement called Tiny living.  In case you are not familiar with it, the movement advocates simple living in small homes.

Dan Louche is the founder of

Dan’s business has about a million dollars in revenue a year.

He began building Tiny Houses in 2009 when he built the first one for his mom.

Dan’s business is a family owned business in DeLand, Florida. They design and build tiny houses on trailers? They also provide training, books, and plans for tiny houses.

Dan has been featured in various shows and publications such as NBC and ABC’s Good Morning America.

I am very excited to have Dan on Success Harbor today because tiny houses is such an interesting niche. I know many of you are struggling with finding a business niche. The following interview will help you see that there are big opportunities in small niches.

Listen and learn from Dan what it takes to start a business:


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