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Inner City Lifestyle: Building a Home in an Established Area

Are you trying to build a house in an inner city area?

Inner city suburbs in Australia are known for their vibrant culture, nightlight, and the bevy of delicious restaurants. However, as these cities gentrify further, the demand for housing drives the price of real estate up. So, what do you do if you want to buy to live in an inner city? If you have the cash, investing in the land will ensure a long term return on investment, even if the initial cost seems steep. Don’t forget; people pay big money to not have people living above them, apartment style. However, once you’ve found your site and decided to pursue a build, what next? Read below for what you need to know before you get to the drawing board.

Know thy Council

Many inner city suburbs have specific build requirements. This is to ensure a historical or cultural aspect of a neighborhood is maintained. In some instances you cannot modify your home’s exterior at all, other times it’s the street facing façade that might have restrictions. In other areas, councils can be more relaxed and allow you to demolish and start again. Therefore, before you sign that section 32, check the requirements of any heritage overlays. If you have your heart set on a truly modern and unique home, there may be certain streets or areas that you have to avoid because you won’t get permission to do what you want. You may need both building and planning permits, so budget for both if you’re unsure.

Know your Style

Are you handy with tools or a good project manager? This might encourage you to pursue the owner-builder path. However, if you’re a novice to construction or even if you already have a demanding career or lifestyle, being responsible for the coordination of your project is unwise. The learning curb is steep and easy to have a half-finished home dwindle as you figure out how to address the next stage of your project. Instead, engage a fully insured registered builder practitioner. They will deal with the actual building and the coordination that comes along with constructing a new dwelling.

When Little Becomes Big

The logistics of an inner city build can vary greatly compared to building a new home on a large block with easy access. Many older suburbs have tight laneways and limited rear access. This translates to specialist equipment and possibly permits to temporarily stop traffic as you maneuver a fancy crane into place. Furthermore, tricky site access or smaller sites overall can present various construction and design challenges, and typically this means additional cost.

For this reason, double story home builders can be in high demand, especially if they offer bespoke designs. This is because you’ll probably need to build up instead of out. Therefore, consult with at least three builders before you commit to get a sense of the work and scale when you’re trying to construct your dream home in a dream location.

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