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10 Ways to Build Trust with Your Market

Do you dream about becoming the most trusted business in your niche?

When you are selling online, getting your brand name out there and getting an audience to like you are not enough to actually seal the deal. You need to go beyond delivering quality content and engaging with your audience. It is important to also build trust with your market.

Imagine you are looking to buy a new bicycle. You are very familiar with – pick your favorite bike shop. They produce quality advertisements and are a well-known name brand. The stores are clean and bright and offer appealing incentives Also, the salespeople are friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable. The problem is that you are not sure about the quality of the bicycle themselves. This is an issue of trust.

Trust is not easy to gain and will take time and effort on your part. Put forth the effort and you should reap the rewards.

Here are ten tips to help you build trust with your market:

1. Give your most valuable content away for free.

Now, we’re not suggesting you give away ALL of your quality content. It is a good idea, though, to make sure your free content is exceptional. With so much free content available out there, you need to set yourself apart.

2. Stay true to your word.

If you promise to do something, such as post an article every day, then keep that promise. You will quickly lose credibility if you aren’t true to your word.

3. Keep your standards high.

You should consistently perform at a high level. When you do so, your audience will expect that level of quality and begin to rely on it. Additionally, they will be more likely to come to you first rather than go to your competition.

4. Use testimonials.

When a third party speaks highly of you and of their experience working with you, don’t be afraid to share. Potential customers tend to rely on the reviews of people who have actually done business with you, so highlight those positive reviews.

5. Share your stories.

Use some real-life examples of work you have done. These stories provide potential customers with a sense of what it is like to do business with you and show what you are capable of accomplishing.

6. Avoid plagiarism.

You should never steal someone else’s content. It will only hurt you in the long run. This doesn’t mean you should never look at what your competitors are doing. Instead, use other’s ideas and insights to help shape your own unique thoughts. Improve on what is out there already. If you find a good article, write one thats great. Make it better researched, more detailed, and longer.

7. Keep it simple stupid.

This old adage can serve you well. There is no need to use jargon or pretentious language. Straightforward, casual writing is much more effective and trustworthy. TV Guide and Reader’s Digest, two of the most widely read magazines, are written at 9th-grade reading level.

8. Own up to your mistakes.

Nobody is perfect. You will, undoubtedly, make a misstep at some point in time. When you do, it will serve you well to admit the error and apologize for it. You will gain much more respect than if you were to deny it or try to cover it up.

9. Allow some breathing room.

Create content that allows your audience come to you when they are ready. There is nothing worse than a pesky salesperson who just won’t leave you alone.

10. Provide guarantees.

When you offer a money back guarantee or trial period, you are reducing risk and increasing the willingness to buy.

Use some or all of these tips to build trust with your market. That trust could be the deciding factor in making a sale and growing your business.

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